ANI Studios

Website Design / Video Production

Ani Studio, a Los Angeles based event photography business known for their unconventional style had so many great examples of creativity in their daily projects yet their old website wasn’t practical enough to show their potential.

Zurna Creative initiated the new website along with the production of a series of promotional videos where the little details of their work were highlighted through the use of well written copywriting and voiceovers showcasing all the aspects of their genuine work.

The new responsive website allowed easy navigation so the visitors could easily view all the aspects of their creativity on different devices. These changes not only were followed by more revenue but they also dramatically increased their social media engagement as many of the videos directed users to studio’s Facebook and Instagram pages in order to receive updates and special offers.

Unconventional Videos

One of the most important highlights of Ani Studio’s work was the ability to take out and edit-in extraordinary situations that their clients would undergo during their wedding, however to put that on display and show case it for clients was not an easy task. Zurna Creative’s copyrighted explanatory video sheds light on this creative style and helps their work stand out for their enthusiastic clients.

3D Video Ad

Ani Studio are always among the first to incorporate cutting edge technical achievements in their production services and 3D wedding videos were definitely one of those cases. However telling and selling it to clients required a creative way and quality execution and that’s exactly when Zurna Creative pops out and takes care of the job.

By producing a well made video with clever ideas Zurna Creative intrigue any client to consider spending the extra cash in acquiring the new technology for their event.

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