Retrievable Memory

Branding / Website Design

RM is a Bay Area based Virtual Reality content creator company specializing in production and rental services for 360 cameras of high caliber. The essence of their work lays in the implementation of cutting edge technology of tomorrow within a new storytelling medium and they approached Zurna Creative to showcase that in their branding and visual identity. To reflect this extreme modernist approach, our designers purposed an intense choice of color palette through combination of tense tones of indigo, lemon and turquoise blending a futuristic sense of curiosity and attracting tension.

The company’s goal is to build an innovative and intriguing passage between the user brain and outer world with the eye playing a significant role in this information-acquiring process. Zurna Creative’s conveying logo touches on this process by highlighting all the elements of the game while remaining faithful to the core bylaws of graphic design.

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