Yes, Adam Noorian

Advertising Campaign

Approaching Niche Audience

The marketing strategy of this bilingual live show was simply way ahead of its time and clever in both ideas and execution. The three hour long complicated play based on an erudite novel was simply too unlikely to sell unless people were intrigued to buy tickets in ways other than the average performance would advertise.

Zurna Creative initiated a calculated promotion of this cultural product by creating an actual online persona across the web and social media who bared the name and image of the lead character of the show. This fictitious character began to appear in online videos and forums as a Los Angeles based screenwriter and very soon started acquiring a relatively huge fan base because of his eccentric guise and controversial online posts. Zurna Creative not only created and maintained an online character but also launched a fully accommodating website, which served as a platform to introduce the show and direct ticket sell.

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Visual and Verbal Identity

Zurna Creative photographed and designed series of posters to uncover the characters of the show and took the initiative of promoting those characters on social media platforms. Enhanced with a uniform branding, interesting details and a creative pun, these posters highlighted the dark and sophisticated nature of the show and helped to sell out a product that many thought could never succeed.

In addition, by incorporating its research of regional demography database, Zurna Creative conducted a thorough audience targeting on social media platforms and distributed series of well made videos that directly landed on the viewing screens of users with similar interests within the geographical radius of the production. These videos were made by highlighting the important lines from the play and focusing on significance of the story in the society.

All-Inclusive Video Essay

Zurna Creative wrapped the promotional campaign for “Yes, Adam Noorian” by launching an inclusive video covering all the stages of production as well as the successful reception of the project in community. Given the live nature of these types of events, a well made informative video has the most significant role in keeping the memory and the impact of a project and Zurna Creative has immense experience at covering similar occasions.

Social Media Marketing

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