Our Mindset

Zurna Creative is made of Graphic Designers, Writers and Filmmakers with three things in common.

We love being creative,
we believe in being truthful
and we are experienced in business.

While these three might not be perfectly interconnected, they sure construct a triangle strong enough to base our business mindset on.

Being Creative.

We believe that whatever we do, it must, in a way or another foster our enthusiasm for art and creativity because otherwise why doing it in the first place? We love art and we are blessed with talents that allow us to express ourselves. We exercise our gift whenever we can for the sole purpose of art for art’s  sake, but we’ve also realized that our talent needs to be channeled in a way that can generate income, so we use it to bring exposure to your service, tell your story and sell your work. We think this is a wonderful opportunity to break down two walls with one blow (Sorry but we don’t like killing birds and we’re all for breaking down the wall!)

Belief in truth.

No matter how important the above passion, we still refuse to use it for a false and misleading cause.

In promoting products and businesses we have this strict rule of being truthful to audience. We agree that in the age of advertisement this might sound like a though moral principle to stand for, but we’ve seen enough life and listened to enough Beatles to believe that there are certain things that money just can’t buy and gaining trust over long period of time is certainly one of them. Thus we only help to promote or advertise what is truthful.

Experienced in business.

While the two assets above might make us look like a bunch of idealist, unrealistic artists we remind you that we completely understand corporate world. We’ve been in business long enough to understand how markets work and what sells so we don’t mess around with useless slogans and pretensions, but we research, study, consult and find ways to come up with the best decision for your business. After all we are one of the only few remaining professions who actually mean it when we say: your success is our success! Because you will keep paying us to stay on top!